Raise your hand if you've put a lot of thought into creating the greatest undershirt known to man. (If you can't see through your screen, we're raising our hands over here.)  We created such a great undershirt that you can actually wear it as a normal shirt. Let me say that again in case you missed it the first time because of its unbelievably high-minded concept: It's such a great undershirt, that you (yes, YOU) can probably pull it off if you wore it like a normal shirt. 

Check out this list of features we packed into our brand new 100% Premium Cotton V-Neck & Crew Neck SKVI shirts:

    • Slightly slim(mer) fit. It's an undershirt, and nobody wants a baggy undershirt.
    • Longer trunk construction. When you tuck a shirt in, you want it to stay tucked in, am I right? Yawning, stretching, high fiving or tenning; it doesn't matter what you're doing -- if you tucked this shirt in, it's going to stay tucked in for you. Because that's how we made it. 
    • The Amazing Hidden Neck. How lame is it when your undershirt's collar is all up on your throat when you're wearing a dress shirt? Dude, you look like a guy who doesn't care about the fact that his undershirt's collar is all up on his throat when he's wearing a dress shirt! Don't be that guy. It's not a good look.
    • Subtle embroidered SKVI logo. Thirsty brands plaster their logo all over the place. At SKVI, we let the comfort speak for itself.
    • No neck tag. Nobody in the world has a cool story about their t-shirt's neck tag.  And if there's not a cool story for it, then why does it even exist?