Boxer Briefs

Just because it's in your pants doesn't mean it can't make a statement.

No one sees it, but it says a lot about you. We’re betting that somebody does see it, but we won’t get personal. How and where you wear your underwear is your business. Our business is making the very best, so we offer these premium boxer briefs as an upgrade to your wardrobe’s vocabulary.
The plush waistband sports our SKVI logo because we don’t like tags any more than you do. Unique construction keeps the trunk from riding up, and flat seaming makes sure nothing rubs you the wrong way. We show the same respect for your comfort with a contoured 2-ply pouch and breathable cotton/spandex blend fabric. Say what you will about men’s underwear, or don’t say a word. Our SKVI premium boxer briefs speak volumes about what’s inside your pants.