These masks fit great! They are super breathable, lightweight, and shipped really really fast! Thanks!

Bernadette V.

SKVI nailed it with their mask! Fits great, incredibly soft and doesn’t pull my ears super bad. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Billy M.

Great product - high quality manufacturing, great quality materials (just like the other products) and even better customer service! Excited to wear my SKVI mask!

Ashley B.

Just used my mask for work today and man it is so comfortable! I seriously recommend them since this new norm bull$#it forces us construction workers to wear a mask all day. SKVI not only makes killer underwear but now MASKS!!! 

Keyth F.
SKVI Boxer Briefs -- The Most Comfortable Underwear You'll Ever Wear | Got You Covered

Change Your Chonies

It's good advice.  Studies have shown that women love a man who changes his underwear.  Think about it, when was the last time you even bought your own underwear?  Stop living life on underwear-autopilot and take charge of your comfort!

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