Premium Crew Socks (One Pair)
Premium Crew Socks (One Pair)
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Premium No-Show Socks (One Pair)
Premium No-Show Socks (One Pair)
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Socks; can't live with them, can't live without them, am I right? A favorite snack of the washing machine and dryer, socks have long been the bane of mankind's existence. From stinkifying, sweatifying, and suffocating your feet with that un-breathable material to those little rolled up balls of cotton lint that make a once comfy sock feel like sandpaper, everyone here at SKVI hates socks. Always has. 

So we decided to make the perfect sock. A sock that we would wear. (Preferably even two.) 

Our Premium SKVI Socks are made from eco-friendly jute cell. Never heard of it? That's because it's full of science. Remember those rolled up balls of cotton lint I was talking about earlier? Yeah, no. Can't happen with jute cell because jute cell ain't cotton. Sweet.

You got sweaty feet? Be honest; I don't care. I'm not even judging. I just want to get your feet in these socks. Sweaty feet is a thing, man -- don't even be ashamed. Even chicks get sweaty feet. Have you ever seen yoga socks? They have this breathable layer at the top to keep chicks' feet from sweating. At the very least, that breathable layer will air your feet out while they sweat. Anyway, yeah -- we put that layer in our socks. So badass. Moisture wicking on steroids, basically. 

How about built-in arch support? They said it couldn't be done, but we did it anyway. Who are 'they,' anyway? I don't know, but it feels like 'they're' talking a lot of shit. 

Remember the breathable layer I mentioned two paragraphs up? Well, we took the excess material that we removed from the top so your stinky-ass feet can breathe, and we transplanted it to the bottom of the sock because the perfect sock has padding on the bottom for your pwecious wittle feetsie-weetsies. 

Best of all, it's a pair of black socks. Classic. True to form, we didn't plaster our logo all over the place. You'll find the lone SKVI logo tastefully placed where your tibia slopes to meet your talus. Did you catch that? I had to search the internet for like 6 minutes trying to find the name of that area. It's not the arch of your foot, because that's already taken by the arch. This is like, the top arch of the top of your foot. Anyway, it's called the talus. Look it up. #learning

Bottom line, this is literally the perfect sock. If you don't think so, then your perception of a sock is skewed towards the incorrect. Check out the technical specs below, and e-mail me ( if you have any questions about 'em. 


  • Reinforced Elastic
  • Moisture Wicking Fabric
  • Odor Blocking Fibers
  • Double-Padded Bottom
  • Ultra Breathable Material
  • Built-in Arch Support

Fits Men's Shoe Size(s):
US 6 - 13
EU 39-47
UK 5.5 - 12.5
CM 23.5 - 29.4

Made from:
72% Jute Cell | 26% Polyester | 2% Spandex