SKVI Black-White Performance Boxer Briefs

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Are you ready to step up your sad-ass underwear game? Are you still clinging to a pair of underwear that's clinging to itself for dear life? C'mon dude, you're an adult now!  That doesn't mean you have to act like a corporate douchebag, but you should at least start giving your cock and balls a better place to live. You're getting to the age where chicks aren't gonna be endeared to you as that scruffy bad boy with the sloppy-ass room at his parents' house -- chicks these days want a dude who knows what quality is.  That's where SKVI comes in.  Our classic solid color design doesn't scream out for juvenile attention, but instead it tells chicks that you actually lift your ballsack up and wash underneath it.

Here's the deal, dude: these Performance boxer briefs actually feel like nothing.  There are no seams, no bunching, no difference between the waistband and the body of the brief.  The support just happens, so you'll never need to 'adjust' and the breathability of these Performance boxer briefs means that swamp-ass is a thing of the past. 


-Tagless, Ultra Plush Waistband

-82% Polyester / 18% Spandex

-Ultra Breathable Front and Gusset