Comfort. Guaranteed.

I don’t wake up every morning with the goal of lying to you. Hi, I’m SKVI Steve and when I say that SKVIs are so comfortable that it’s actually ridiculous, I mean it. I still remember putting on my first pair of SKVI. I couldn’t feel anything on my legs or waist; and my prized possessions felt like they were being gently, yet confidently caressed by award-winning luxury hand models (who knew my name, interestingly enough).

Throughout the rest of my day, I noticed how much I didn’t notice them. The legs didn’t bunch up; the waistband didn’t fold over; and my ass was never swampy. It literally was ridiculous. I ridiculed myself for noticing how un-noticeable they were.

Now, I want to share that ridicule with you. I know for a fact that you’ll literally lose your mind over how comfy these guys are. I also know for a fact that my lawyer strongly advised that I don’t put that last sentence in writing. Something about the wording and not being able to legally back it up, so I’m hoping you’ll take my words the way I mean them, which is conversationally.

Anyway, I “guarantee” you’ll feel the same way I do, or I’ll fix it so that you do. I’ll either give you a refund or send you out another pack. Read on for the true deets:


  • You have to let us know within 30 days of your order. E-mail me at to start that convo.
  • This only applies to your first worn pair. You can’t just keep ordering and complaining. That would make you a dickhead.
  • If you want your money back, I’ll totally give it to you; I just have to keep the original shipping costs. Sorry dude, business.
  • If you want a different pair, we’ll send them to you for FREE (including shipping)!

  • That’s basically it, brother. We made the best underwear in the world and now we’re selling the best underwear in the world. If you get ‘em and you don’t like ’em, we’re gonna fix it for you. Simple.