SKVI Face Mask

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Tasteful and understated, this USA-Made SKVI Face Mask is stylish, comfy AF, and simple -- just like everything SKVI makes.

In an age where people be fucking animals and eating bat soup then breathing all over each other, it's a shame that we even have to do this, but with basically every city and business mandating that you wear a mask anytime you're out in public, you might as well let MFers know by wearing this mask instead of some overpriced Etsy mask or a goddamn Home Depot drywall dust mask. 

• 100% 2-Layer Soft Cotton
• Soft, Comfortable Seam Ear Loop
• Made in USA
• One Size
• Machine Washable
• 12" Wide from tip to tip
• 5" High at the nose
• 2.5" Wide Ear Holes